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user manualWilife WLPB-100
Set up Power Injector & Cameras
C. Use CAT5e or CAT6 cable only. Validate hand-built
cables using a professional cable tester. All cables pairs (1/2, 3/6, 4/5, 7/8) must be sound.The world’s first and only fully-integrated, PC-based,Professional Digital Video Security System designedfor small business and home application.
Use this guide to set up the following Pro products:
Four-Camera Master System
with Command Center Software
Six-Camera Master System
with Command Center Software
Indoor Digital Camera Kit
Single-Camera Master System
with Command Center Software
Indoor Camera with Single-Port
Injector Kit
Six-Port Power Injector
with Command Center Software

Setup Guide

Before You Get Started

This setup guide will assist you in installing and setting up the
WiLife Pro digital video security system. Simply follow these
instructions and you will be up and running fast.
A. Ensure the PC meets these system requirements:B. Test Internet connection speeds for remote viewing and e-mail & cell phone alerts:D. Gather the following setup information:
E-mail address (to be used as WiLife Online account
user name) and password.
E-mail (SMTP) server, user name, and password for set up of
e-mail and cell phone alerts.
* Intel
Pentium 4 CPU speed. Dual-core Intel and AMD processors deliver
similar performance at lower clock speeds.
**Microsoft Vista requires more memory to deliver equal performance.
CPU Speed*
Memory (MB)**
Video Card (MB)
Display Resolution
Hard Drive (MB)
Operating System
Media Player
Number of Cameras
1 2 3 4 5 6
2.2 GHz
3.2 GHz2.4 GHz 2.6 GHz 2.8 GHz 3.0 GHz
512 768 1024 1024
32 32 64 128 128 256
1024 X 768 or higher, 32 bit color
150 MB for program and a minimum of 10 GB for video storage
XP or Microsoft Vista
Media Player version 9 or later
Internet Bandwidth Requirement
E-mail & Cell Phone Alerts
Remote Viewing
Upload at 64 Kbps (ISDN, DSL, Cable) with always-on link.
Upload at 128 Kbps (DSL, Cable) with always-on link.
Test upload speeds using one of many online speed test sites. We
recommend www.speedtest.net or www.speakeasy.net.
The WiLife Pro Power Injector delivers power over the Ethernet
lines to each WiLife Pro Camera.
Complete First Run Wizard
Create a new account or use an existing account for WiLife Online access.
The wizard automatically runs as you start the Command
Center for the first time. It walks you through the initial setup
of system options and configuration of your cameras.
Install WiLife Software from CD
By default, the cameras will search for an IP
address using DHCP. While the cameras are
searching for an IP address, all three status
LEDs will flash. When the camera has obtained
an address, the bottom status LED shows solid.
Use DHCP whenever possible. But, if you must assign static IP
addresses, follow these instructions:
Using Fixed IP Addresses (Advanced)
Connect the WiLife Pro Injector power supply. Consider using a
UPS to protect against brief power outages.
Connect one patch cable (provided with camera) for each camera
from the LAN to the “To Network” injector ports 1 through 6.
Connect WiLife Pro Cameras to injector “To Camera” ports, using
the same ports connected to LAN.
You can get additional information by reading the WiLifeSetIPAddress PDF.
Enter the IP addresses and click Set to write the address to the cameras.
Select the LAN Network Card and click Start to search for your cameras.
Copy the WiLifeSetIPAddress EXE and PDF to the PC hard drive.
The files are located on the WiLife CD in the bin directory.
Run the WiLifeSetIPAddress program, first ensuring the WiLife Command
Center is not running.
You can now proceed to step 2.
The WiLife Command Center Software turns a standard
PC into a powerful video security control station.
To install the software, ensure you are logged in as Administrator.
The installation process takes several minutes and includes
powerful tools like Microsoft .NET 2.0, UPnP, and Intel IPP.
You are required to reboot the machine after the install to ensure
the drivers are properly recognized by Windows.
Select the WiLife Pro Power Injector networking option.
Confirm Online Direct Connect
There are two methods for connecting to the WiLife Online
servers - direct and relay. Direct mode is the best.

Pro Install Notes and Cautions

In relay mode, video is relayed through WiLife servers, avoiding
router and firewall setup - but, it includes limits on viewing time.
In direct mode, video is routed directly to remote viewing clients,
enabling unlimited viewing time and faster connections.
By default, WiLife will automatically attempt to configure the
local router and firewall to enable Direct connections using
UPnP. In most cases, it is successful.
To verify that WiLife was able to configure your router, open
the Setup...Online tab in the Command Center and look for
the connection mode. If it reads Direct Mode, you are done.
Follow these steps to manually configure your system for
Direct Connections:
Enable UPnP on your firewall or router, if possible or ...
On your router, map ports 20570 to 20572 (TCP) to the computer's
IP address. You may find the site www.portforward.com helpful.
Restart the WiLife Command Center and recheck the Online Status.
You can find additional information in the WiLife Support
online knowledgebase at www.wilife.com/support.
Take the time to carefully place and hide your cables. We have
included a thin silver cable and cable coupler to help you
create an attractive install.
If you move cameras from one system to another, you should
always reset the cameras using a paperclip.
Operating Temperature
Operating Humidity
32º F to 92º F (0º C to 34º C)
Up to 90%, non-condensing
Having problems discovering cameras. Follow these steps:
1. Verify the injector and camera have power.
2. Ensure all cables are connected and tested.
3. Confirm that the camera has received an IP address from
the network. When the camera is searching for an address,
all three status LEDs will flash in unison. Once it has
received an address, the bottom LED will show solid.
4. Use Setup...Advanced...Find My Cameras to search for
Find more helpful information at www.wilife.com/support.
Check camera focus to ensure best image results. Use WiLife
120º and 54º lenses to better target specific areas.
Operating Environment
Indoor - protected from water and dust
CAT5e with RJ-45 connectors per IEEE 802.3
2 lux Standard, 0 lux with WiLife NightVision kit
Use a WiLife NightVision kit to add support for capturing video
in complete darkness.
Camera Resolution
640 X 480 and 320 X 240 - user selectable
Network Bandwidth
300 kbps to 800 kbps - user selectable
Frame Rate
15, 10, and 5 FPS - user selectable
Check the WiLife Command Center help file (F1) for more
assistance on configuring PC Firewalls.
WARNING: Mis-connected cables may cause damage to either your cameras or network equipment.
Free Remote Viewing for anywhere,
anytime video access
Extend the system to
standard WiLife cameras with the
WiLife Pro HomePlug
Command Center
Pro Power Injector
(with Router shown for clarity)
The WiLife Single-Port
Power Injector links a
single camera to the LAN

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Wilife WLPB-100 specifications

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Brand Wilife
Model WLPB-100
Product Wifi repeater
EAN 853650001343, 0853650001343
Language English
Filetype manual_type_manual (PDF)
Data transmission
Maximum data transfer rate 54 Mbit/s
Weight & dimensions
Dimensions (WxDxH) 76 x 140 x 203 mm
Weight (imperial) 0.725 lbs
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